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Depaul higher secondary school Choondal, founded in 1981, gives education to both boys and girls

About Depaul E.M.H.S.S Choondal

The journey of  De Paul Higher Secondary School began in the year 1981 with a vision 'for God and the country'. Both De Paul Higher Secondary School and De Paul School are owned and managed by the Mary Matha Province of the Vincentian Congregation.  Both schools are unaided and recognized educational institutions with the Provincial Superior as General Manager and Superior of Vincentian House, Choondal as the local manager.  De Paul HSS has completed 33 years of meritorious and esteemed service in shaping the destiny of the future generations, following its motto 'for God and the country'.  Depaul English Medium Higher Secondary School(State Syllabus) has got classes rigt from [......]

Depaul E M H S S Choondal

About Us

Depaul EMHSS

De Paul School Choondal, is founded and run by De Paul Educational Trust. Being a Christian minority school, it primarily aims at the education of Christin children. Going beyond its community interests, it provides quality education to all the prospective students of the society at large.

A wide range of curricular and Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school's academics. The school seeks to create a rich learning environment in which teachers and pupils interact closely and the quest for knowledge becomes a joyous experience. The [......]


Depaul E M H S S Choondal-Rev.Dr. James kallumkal V.C

Rev.Dr. James kallumkal V.C

Manager ( Provincial superior)
Depaul E M H S S Choondal-Rev.Dr.James Chelapurath VC

Rev.Dr.James Chelapurath VC

Education Councillor
Depaul E M H S S Choondal-Rev.Fr.Antony Thekkinieth VC

Rev.Fr.Antony Thekkinieth VC

Local Manager
Depaul E M H S S Choondal-Rev.Fr.Raju Choorackal VC

Rev.Fr.Raju Choorackal VC

Depaul E M H S S Choondal-Rev.Fr.Thomas Mandy VC

Rev.Fr.Thomas Mandy VC

Vice- Principal and Finance officer

Principal's Desk close

" Be respectable, but be unique. Stand up for yourself, but remember to be kind. Forget the insults, but always remember the compliments"